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Why Do I Get Hard Then Lose

Why Do I Get Hard Then Lose It And How To Manage It?

Why do I get hard then lose it and how to manage it? The fact is, this is no problem that is happening only to you. There are many men all over the globe who are suffering from this very same issue. Weak erections or erections which do not last long, are indicative of there being a possible issue of the flow of blood.

How Do You Get Hard Erection?

An erection can be obtained after the male genital area has been stimulated. When a man gets aroused sexually, his blood flow is directed to the penis. As long as there is blood present in the penis, the phallus of the man remains hard. Technically, it is the blood in the penis that causes a man to get an erection. When a man get hard on, to keep this hardon, blood is stored in the penis. 

If you get hard erection and you lose it, the question on your mind will be, why is this happening to me?

Why Do I Get Hard Then Lose It?

There are a number of reasons why you would get an erection and lose it. These reasons are as follows: 

  • One-Off Situation: For young men, due to their using condoms, the erections could die out. While having s ex or just before s ex, if a man uses a condom, it is possible that he could lose his erection. This is due to the fact that when a man has on a condom, it is just too much of an effort for him to be able to keep that erection. That instant, when a man wears a condom and starts to focus on it, it could be the reason why he loses his hardon. Thus, if you are worried that you have to use a condom, it is this very worry that could be causing you to lose your erection. If this is the case with you, then you need to consult an expert. The expert would give you advice and tips on what are the required steps that you need to take with regard to this problem. 
  • Reasons why you may lose your hardon, are anxiety, nervousness, and tiredness. Also, if you have had a large amount of alcohol, then you could lose your hardon and that too pretty quickly.  
  • Ongoing Situations: To some men, it can be quite a task to maintain a hardon. Many men have big problems to get hard on and to sustain and maintain it long enough for them to have sex. This is a disorder that goes by the name of erectile dysfunction (ED). 
  • It is one of the most common sexual problems, and there are about 200 million men all over the globe who face this problem.
  • Physical Issues: There are a number of physical issues that can also be the cause of ED, and these include heart problems, diabetes, physical deformity to the penis, 
  • trouble, certain kinds of medicines, prostate issues, kidney issues, and other issues that are related to the phallus. 
  • Emotional Issues: These are inclusive of performance anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, stress, and relationship issues

What Can You Do If You Lose An Erection?

  • If you lose an erection, you need to tell your partner about this. Talk with your partner and get back your erection.
  • Mechanical help can be opted for to help get a fix for this issue. 
  • Some pumps are available, which help in get hard erection.
  • As some men have a confidence level, which is very low, they lose their erection. As such, to be able to get an erection, you need to work on your confidence level. 
  • Sometimes, to make the penis healthy, weight is put on it. 
  • If you are having sex and you lose your hardon, the chances are that there is not much that you can do about this problem. 
  • If daily, you lose your hardon, then you need to take world-class male sexual dysfunction treatment drugs, and these are TadacipKamagra 100Cenforce 150, Malegra, Tadalista, Suhagra, Filagra, Vilitra, Vidalista 60Fildena 100, Avaforce, Avana and Tadarise.

How To Try And Avoid Losing Erections In The Future?

Mental stimulation is a perfect way of improving your hardons. But, the real way of get hard erection, is by stimulating the penis. These are the things you can do, to try and not lose an erection in the future:

  • Eat healthy food.
  • Do not have illicit drugs.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not have alcohol.
  • Ensure that your weight is healthy and that you are not obese or overweight.
  • Do not have tobacco.
  • Exercise for at least 5 days a week, 30 minutes a day. Just some swimming or walking would work just fine. 
  • Go to the doctor for regular checkups. 
  • Adopt the right measures to fight depression, stress, and anxiety. 
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